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Flash Fiction I: BAC

April 28, 2011

John picked up the heavy stein and once again set to pulling the dark amber beer faster than his father alongside him. It was a rich brew, and the aftertaste was just as pleasant as the first sampling, but he could feel himself starting to fail. Taking a moment to breathe, he ran a hand through his dark, sweaty hair, and glanced to the side. Shaun was still draining his alcohol with the same alarmingly quick regularity with which he began the match. He noticed John’s attention, and winked at him over the glass rim.

Once more steeling himself, John reached for his tenth stein and discovered his hand had acquired an alarming inaccuracy. Finally, he made contact and pulled it toward him for the next effort. A portion slopped off onto his shirt, but the majority made the journey and began to follow its brethren. It went down as smoothly as the rest, but seemed to sit uneasily, a dissenter in John’s gastrointestinal system.

All at once, John found himself staring up, from the depths of the floor and his alcohol daze, at his still-composed and now grinning father’s face. Very shortly, though, reality dissolved and faded to black.

Unjacking the neural feed from the port in the back of his head, John removed his hand from the blood sampling device in front of him.
“Told you I could outdrink you!”, Shaun was gleeful in his victory.
“Yeah yeah, dad, we found that out pretty well.” Despite the impartiality of the test, or perhaps because of it, John’s pride was stung.
“I tell you buddy,” his father continued, “Someday you’ll be able to beat me, and that was a pretty good drinking match, but for now, that machine there will tell you it’s all in the blood.”

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  1. May 14, 2011 2:48 pm

    Good points

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